Miley Cyrus Reveals That the First Time She ‘Hooked Up’ Was With 2 Ladies In Candid New Interview

Miley Cyrus Reveals That the First Time She ‘Hooked Up’ Was With 2 Ladies In Candid New Interview

Prolonged sooner than she misplaced her virginity to Liam Hemsworth at 16, Miley Cyrus was already hooking up with girls — and she or he dished all about it on the Identify Her Daddy podcast!

Miley Cyrus, 27, dished all about her sexual historic previous when she appeared on the Identify Her Daddy podcast on Aug. 14. The singer, who’s overtly pansexual, has dated every ladies and men. “I was interested in ladies means sooner than I was ever drawn to guys after I used to be like 11 years outdated,” Miley admitted. “I used to imagine that Minnie Mouse was large f***ing scorching, which is so good, on account of I ended up on Disney. So I on a regular basis thought my chances with Minnie went up.”

The singer’s curiosity about women led her to hook up with girls sooner than she ever did with guys. “After I used to be like, 11 or 12, my buddies have been starting to type of, like, inform me what they’ve been doing with guys, and I didn’t really understand it,” Miley outlined. “So I obtained most of my girlfriends to hook up with me. First time I ever connected with anyone was a girl. Two of them!”

Miley Cyrus hits the stage for a effectivity. (zz/KGC-138/STAR MAX/IPx)

Miley didn’t improve on the state of affairs or reveal when she lastly started hooking up with guys. Nonetheless, she did confirm that she didn’t have intercourse with a boy until she was 16 years outdated — and it was her future husband, Liam Hemsworth. “I ended up marrying the person, so that’s pretty crazy,” Miley acknowledged. Sadly, she and Liam would go on to separate in the midst of the summer season season of 2019, merely eight months after tying the knot.

All through the Identify Her Daddy interview, Miley admitted that she lied to Liam about her experiences with intercourse sooner than she misplaced her virginity to him. “I lied and acknowledged that he wasn’t a major so I didn’t seem like a loser,” she revealed. “He’s like, ‘Oh, who have you ever ever had intercourse with?’ and I couldn’t think about anyone. So I merely, like, made any particular person up. I knew we certainly not actually had intercourse sooner than. And, like, [Liam]’s buddy ended up marrying [the guy]. So then it was like, ‘Oh, now my buddy is marrying any individual you connected with.’ So then after I used to be, like, 24, I wanted to say that I lied.”

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth attend the 2019 Vanity Sincere Oscar Event. (zz/KGC-301/STAR MAX/IPx)

On the time of the interview, Miley was newly single after a modern break up from her latest boyfriend, Cody Simpson, who she started courting in Oct. 2019. Now, she is conscious of exactly what she’s looking for — and what she’s NOT looking for — in a companion. “Any person has to hold additional to the desk than their plate,” Miley acknowledged. “They’ll’t merely be like, ‘Fill me up all the f***ing time.’ And I really feel that’s a large part of my life, is filling people once more up, and which will make me go below zero, below E. So it’s really needed that I actually really feel fulfilled. They should carry one factor to the desk.”

Miley Cyrus Reveals That the First Time She ‘Hooked Up’ Was With 2 Ladies In Candid New Interview

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